Are you fond of Italian culture? Do you love travelling through Italy? You should study Italian with us in the Alps! Our courses are suitable for people who want to learn Italian and enjoy nature, food, wine, art, music and Italian culture in general. Our strategy consists in linking theterritory to the Italian language with activities provided for every level and for every need, organized by experienced and specialized teachers. We have proposals for everyone with packages that provide outings, visits, trips and real lessons. Teaching activities are held at the host structures . Well, this is the site for you! La Vie En Rose - Le Renard d'Introd B&B - Casa Seez


Our packages are customized: one-to- one lessons, lessons in pairs, in small groups, on specific issues, on topics with specialized vocabulary or grammar. We address both absolute beginners and people who already know Italian and just want to deepen it: short courses (weekend: 10 hours), weekly courses (30 or more hours), full immersion or individualized packages(conversation, vocabulary, reading). Our proposals are “themed”, just to satisfy everyone.
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After Aosta and Turin, the journey discovering Italy can continue, as well as the study of Italian in other cities. We work in close cooperation with Venetian and Roman colleagues with whom we share a passion for teaching the Italian language. In fact, they allow people who travel through the Fair Country to learn the language: in addition to Aosta and Turin, you will have the opportunity to visit two world-famous cities, Rome - Venice


We are a group of teachers with a passion for teaching Italian to foreigners. We have experience and good knowledge of foreign languages. Art, history, music, gastronomy: everything in Italian with competent teachers!
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People of different nationalities come to the Aosta Valley for its beauties and, at the same time, they learn Italian: our students tell how they mixed business with plesure!


Melina Forcellati: