She was born at the foot of Mont Blanc, but she often takes off to know other continents. Fond of reading and cinema, she obtained a specialization in Didactics of Italian as a Foreign Language in Turin, and a master of Italian course planning in Venice. She also has a twenty-year- experience in teaching Italian as a foreign language.



A genuine Piedmontese, he is anxious to meet lovers of art and culture to teach them the Italian language in Turin, the first capital of the Kingdom of Italy. A master of Didactics of Italian as a Foreign Language obtained at Siena University and a great attraction for history complete his teaching experience which is enriched by Italian courses for foreigners held in the Aosta Valley.



A nature guide and an expert in the mountains, she is suitable for combining the knowledge of alpine environment with the Italian language: walks in the mountains are her speciality and her local culture will certainly intrigue you. Take advantage of unequalled lessons held in the beautiful scenery of the Aosta Valley Alps.



He is considered a Tuscan poet at the court of the Aosta Valley: a guarantee of quality so that the Italian language is studied in the best possible way, even through the opera in which Giulio is an expert. Thanks to his recent experience as a teacher of Italian as a foreign language, he obtained a master in Didactics and Promotion of the Italian language to strangers in Venice.